We are a collective of women with a mission to help others heal, connect and reach goals while we do the same for ourselves. We are based in Philadelphia, PA and offer a stream of events ranging from vision boards, healing events to girl’s nights just to enjoy the company of eachother. We promote sisterhood and genuine support in a time where many of us need it most. We as women give so much of our special form of nurturing love to others but noone can reciprocate the love women give, not our men or children so we spread that womanly, sisterly love to eachother. Follow us on IG/FB for future events and updates on what we have to offer. We are Genies because we are divine, magical and powerful, you are too!

Annette the healing genie

Aiming to help women and children heal from past traumas, find refuge from the sometimes exhausting and not so kind world around us, and love sincerely from our cores for we project love when we love ourselves deeply.

Queanie the Vision genie

We all have goals, aspirations and a need to feel fulfilled through this journey, I aim to help women erase the fears and self-doubts when planning and executing those goals!